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  February 25, 2018   
Business Services Center
Human Resources: Recruiting & Hiring
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   Recruiting & Hiring:
Hiring an employee is truly making an investment in your business. When you hire someone to work for you, you will invest time, money, training, and trust. If it is done correctly, your business can move forward much faster than ever before; if it is done improperly, not only can you lose your investment, but you can also be subjected to lawsuits resulting in more detrimental damages.

There's much more to hiring an employee than placing classified ads and interviews. It's an important process for the future of your business. Time should be invested for examining your needs to hire and recruit in a systematic and legal way.

Some topics for consideration as you determine whom, if anyone, to hire:
  • Should you hire someone? You may be able to meet your needs by working with independent contractors, temporary help, leased employees, or family members. Before you go about hiring someone in any capacity, be certain that you'll need the extra help for the future.

  • What legal responsibilities do you have? Hiring the first employee is a big step. You'll have to do payroll, withhold taxes, and supervise the person. In many instances you'll become subject to additional laws as you hire more people; for example, you may become subject to certain employment-related laws when you add a second or more employee.

  • Where do you find employees? Find out how to advertise and write job ads, and learn other ways of attracting applicants. Contact the Business Services Center and let us help you with your needs. We might have the qualified, pre-screened candidate right for you.

  • How do you interview candidates? After you've publicized the job opening, you should have some applicants expressing interest. Will you require that applicants complete applications, or will you accept resumés? Here, we'll help you figure out how to handle the responses and begin testing them, if necessary. We'll also provide suggestions on what to ask, what not to ask, and how to plan for an interview.

  • How do you check out an applicant's background? To avoid negligence and to protect your business, make sure that you check your potential employees' references and credentials, and possibly even run a credit check.

  • Once you've determined what skills and human capital you need, you will need to write a job description. The job description is the written outline of what the job you're hiring for entails, based on either your needs as you see them or the research that you've done.

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This WIOA, Title I-financially assisted program/service is an equal opportunity employer/program.
Auxiliary Aids and services are available upon request to people with disabilities, with 72 hours notice.