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FRWDB Board Overview [ Go! ]
Information about the FRWDB Board. Who is on the board, their purpose, and a link to their meeting calendar.
FRWDB Board Meetings [ Go! ]
Information about the FRWDB Board. Who is on the board, their purpose, and a link to their meeting calendar.
Executive Committee [ Go! ]
The Executive Committee overview and meeting calendar.
Adult Council [ Go! ]
The Adult Council overview and meeting calendar.
Business & Industry Committee [ Go! ]
The Business & Industry Committee overview and meeting calendar.
Youth Council [ Go! ]
The Youth Council overview and meeting calendar.
FAWIC Board Meeting [ Go! ]
The FAWIC Board meeting calendar.
Ad Hoc Committee [ Go! ]
Ad Hoc Committee overview and meeting calendar.
Policy Bulletins, Operational Directives, Information Bulletins [ Go! ]
Information about, and a list of the various Policy Bulletins, Operational Directives and Information Bulletins published by the FRWDB. This page offers a search and list of all of these documents.
Jobs @ FAWIC [ Go! ]
A list of positions currently open to work for the FRWDB.
Helpful Links [ Go! ]
Links to sites containing information relevant to the FRWDB and state and local agencies.
RFP's / RFQ's / Awards:
Overview and Search [ Go! ]
Information about the various RFP's, RFQ's and Awards the FRWDB releases. This page includes a search function.
News & Events:
Press Releases [ Go! ]
Search our press release library to find out more about Workforce Connection, what we have done, and what plan to do.
News Article Archive [ Go! ]
A library of news articles we have collected that pertain to labor, employment and state and federal policies.
What's New [ Go! ]
A library of Workforce Connection documents pertaining to our plans, funding and awards.
Helpful Links [ Go! ]
Helpful links to other web sites that offer employment and labor news.
Job Seekers:
Job Board [ Go! ]
This link opens careers in the central valley.
Adult/DW Services [ Go! ]
Information about the various services we offer to to adults/DW, and how to contact us regarding those services.
Event Calendar [ Go! ]
A calendar of events pertaining to job seekers, including workshops, conferences and job fairs.
Success Stories [ Go! ]
Read about people who have used our services in the past, and found good careers and employment because of it.
Labor Market Information / Career Ladders [ Go! ]
This page provides detailed information on how to "climb the ladder" to reach the career you want - what skills, education and experience you will need to achieve the position you desire.
Demand Occupation List [ Go! ]
This page offers detailed information about occupations that are currently "in demand" in the central valley. This includes wage information and requirements needed to enter that occupation.
Elligible Training Providers [ Go! ]
A searchable list of companies and businesses that will offer on training for various occupations.
Helpful Links [ Go! ]
A list of links to sites that have helpful information usefull to job seekers.
Business Services:
Job Board [ Go! ]
Businesses can use our job board to post available positions and find qualified candidates to fill those positions.
Post a Job Now [ Go! ]
Go to our job board and post an available position now!
Rapid Response [ Go! ]
Laying off people? Rapid Response can help you with the transition, and help to get your employees new jobs as soon as possible.
Business Service Center [ Go! ]
The Business Services Center and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), is a comprehensive "One-Stop Center" that offers a wide variety of valuable services to local businesses - all at no charge
Human Resources [ Go! ]
Recruiting & Hiring [ Go! ]
Paying your Employees [ Go! ]
Rules for your workers [ Go! ]
Training [ Go! ]
Layoff Assistance [ Go! ]
Finances [ Go! ]
Your basic bookkeeping [ Go! ]
Credit & Collections [ Go! ]
Managing your cashflow [ Go! ]
Major purchases & projects [ Go! ]
Analyzing your current financial position [ Go! ]
Financing your business [ Go! ]
Marketing [ Go! ]
Analyzing the market environment [ Go! ]
Market Research [ Go! ]
Developing & refining your product [ Go! ]
Packaging & pricing your product [ Go! ]
Choosing distribution methods [ Go! ]
Promotion, advertising & public relations [ Go! ]
Building a successful marketing plan [ Go! ]
Starting a Business [ Go! ]
The Central Valley Business Incubator [ Go! ]
Self Analysis [ Go! ]
Idea Feasability [ Go! ]
Market Analysis [ Go! ]
Legal Structure [ Go! ]
Financing [ Go! ]
License & Permits [ Go! ]
Business Plan [ Go! ]
Business Tax Credits and Incentives [ Go! ]
Information about the tax credits available to employers and employees in Fresno.
Business Resources [ Go! ]
A Business resource matrix that shows which companies or organizations offer various services and information.
Business Events Calendar [ Go! ]
A calendar of events pertaining to training, hiring and managing. Includes workshops, conferences and presentations in the Central Valley.
Frequently Asked Questions [ Go! ]
A list of frequently asked questions, and their answers, pertaining to the Business Service Center and the services we offer.
Studies & Reports:
Employment Study & Annual Report [ Go! ]
A list of links to sites that have employment studies and FRWDB annual reports.
Training Providers:
Eligible Training Providers [ Go! ]
Information about the California Statewide Eligible Training Provider list and the application documents for becoming an ETPL provider.
Partner Information [ Go! ]
A list of Workforce Connection's partners, contractors and other service agencies.
Youth Services:
Youth Services [ Go! ]
AYOS is designed to guide young adults, age 14-21, along the pathway to education, training, personal development and ultimately, a rewarding career.
Contact Us [ Go! ]
Contact information for the various One-Stop's and offices that make up Workforce Connection.
Site Map [ Go! ]
A detailed list of the pages that make up the Workforce Connection site.
Help [ Go! ]
A page containing helpful information about the Workforce Connection site.

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This WIOA, Title I-financially assisted program/service is an equal opportunity employer/program.
Auxiliary Aids and services are available upon request to people with disabilities, with 72 hours notice.